The Naked Truth (lost in lust and fashion)

The naked truth


   The naked truth.  If America were naked. What would the mind state of Americans be like?  Think about it for a second.  If America was raised to be seen in its natural state since birth.  How do you think our perception and actions would be like towards sexuality?  I feel a lot of us are preoccupied and fascinated with the naked body and sexual pleasures.  But if we were naturally accustomed to seeing ones naked self.  Would one still lust over the naked body as we do in today’s society? 

The Naked Truth

     Everyday people walk around and our faces are exposed to the world. (unless your religion doesn’t allow you too). It’s not like we mask our faces.  As we do to our natural form with clothing. And yes we know there are traditions in places around the world.  Where women indeed cover themselves from head to toe.  As well as women around the world that wear barely anything to cover themselves.  But I can only speculate on the minds of the American culture.  For this is where I have been raised since birth.


The naked truth.  So does American tradition dumb us down?  Let’s face the naked truth.  I mean think about it.  Just the fact that we have over thousands of brand names to choose from.  To cover ourselves up.  Because us as Americans spend over billions of dollars nationwide on name brand clothing alone. And to only ponder on what is underneath the clothes.  This is rooted from our belief system.

 As we know the developmental knowledge in the way the brain functions.  Is the very reason why we do what we do.  Say what we say. Act how we act.  And think how we think.

Be open minded

     Imagine just for a second please be open minded.  What would life be like for you if you were raised seeing the people around you naked on a daily basis?  It would be like 2nd nature to you.  Like seeing cars everyday or seeing buildings everyday.  Seeing these things out in the open doesn’t have a significant distracting effect on us.  Because we have been birthed into these surroundings.  Where maybe in another part of the world. Seeing cars or buildings may be foreign.  Just how seeing one out in the public naked may be of a foreign action here in America. (unless of course your at a naked beach ).


     Our downloaded programs from birth evidently is a major component in how we evolve from infant to man or woman.  And when you mix and match certain variables. There is always a chain reaction.  So think about it.  America has taken out the variable that it is our given birthright. And that is to roam this universe freely (naked). We no longer have the right to just say.  “I don’t feel like wearing any clothes.  I’m going beyond commando eff that!! I need to be in my birthday suit today”.   I know it sounds funny.  Like who would even think that?  But hey who would even think.  To make others think they have no right to be in their natural form.  But hey that’s just me thinking.



     America has done a great job in covering up not only politically but our own identities.  America made it possible for us to live so controversial over a piece of cloth and has succeeded so well.  It’s so sad that people around the world are categorized, praised, and judged.  Based on the type of clothing they wear. How people strive for those name brands. Just to fit in or to be placed into a certain position.

American dream

 I think America would be a greater place if it were stripped down naked. Only using necessary coverings to keep our bodies protected.  America is like the person you think is your friend.  That pulls you into a situation screaming its about us.  Only for you to later on discover it was done to convenience them.  America is using our thirst for sexuality. And our thirst for good looks to enforce their propaganda (mind control) that is the naked truth.

   Prophet Profits

 Clothing sales alone generates billions of dollars a year.  Just about the same amount in pornography sales.  Now see we have people paying to look good.  And people paying to see it all in the raw.  I know a lot of people could careless.  But what matters is the ones that do care.  And are opening their minds to what is really out there (the naked truth).  

The truth hurts

Women are selling their souls for names like Coach, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and etc.. Tricking, stealing, deceiving, demeaning,  and even killing. Men as well are selling their souls for the same. Just to end up in the most humbling form the naked self.  It is pure insanity to fall into the continuing cycle.  Just like those Jordan’s.  A continuing cycle of the same shit just dressed up in a different look.  How much can one even grow or attain if one is to stay in the same.

     I respectfully ask of you to keep an open mind.  And ask your self.   Would America be a greater place if it were naked?  I am curious to know what the world thinks of this.  And would love to elaborate more with anyone willing to do so.  Everything is a learning process nothing is set in stone.  It doesn’t hurt to step outside of the box. To create a newfound comfort in learning the Naked Truth.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  Have a blessed day.  Thank you for taking the time to read.


Author: Jessica

My name is Jessica. I created this website to help connect deeper to the world. I enjoy connecting and sharing information with others. Together in unity we can make the impossible possible. Everyone is just as important and special as the next. Our thoughts and beliefs makes us who we are today. I believe sharing our experiences and thoughts with one another can make some magical things happen in our life. Each one Teach one. We are all teachers and students. Keep and open mind and a heart that is kind.

2 thoughts on “The Naked Truth (lost in lust and fashion)”

  1. Let me say the article was very moving… As society and our generation continues to grow we are continuously seeing changes everyday…. It can either be about money, religion, sexuality, and many other things… but the one thing that I noticed that has never changed since I been on this world is Judgement. I mean if we get into biblical days besides the Almighty other people were judged and beaten down because of a certain way they were living their life and I see the same thing happening now. I mean most of us are all brought up with some type of morals and common sense but yet these Things like prostitution, drug selling, gay marriages, and etc are put on the front line and discussed as if these things weren’t going on back then jus in a different time frame. The people are judged continuously and looked down upon. I mean this world has so many issues ; let me not get into racism. That’s a whole topic in itself. But Jessica as you mentioned many people get blinded by materialistic things and parts of that can be from how they may have been brought up. For example; you can have a child who grew up with very little to eat in the fridge and that child said to himself/ herself when I get older I never want to give this life that I’m dealt with to my child so they splurge on their child. For other people they might look at the person as if they are stuck on materialistic things but in reality they jus want to give their child the best that they may have not had. For someone else they may be jus filthy rich and like to live it up and flaunt what they have, it can go in so many ways but like I mentioned in the beginning we live in a society that is so bias and judgmental. I wish we did live in a world were we could say Kumbaya and everything be ok and free of all the ignorance and foolishness but I don’t feel like it won’t ever be one hundred percent because people are stuck in their ways. For me my philosophy is when I die I can’t anything with me but the soul that the Lord gave me so I try everyday to express my morality everyday because that’s what people will remember you by not by the new Jordan’s that came out or the car you drive, I’m going to be honest I like nice things but I know better enough to not flaunt and brag about shit that just doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Being in the profession I’m in life is short I see it on a daily basis all you have is You when you go so to sum it up materialistic is just materialistic. It doesn’t make a person.

  2. This article is very interesting. I really never thought of it like that. It is definitely true a lot of what you were saying here. You have my thoughts in the air now. Its great to read someone who isnt afraid to think or speak outs side the box

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