Great Minds Think Alike (Universal)

Great minds


Great minds think alike. We all know most of the greatest have paired up with other like minded folks. The infamous mastermind alliances. Entrepreneurs like Napoleon Hill, Holton Buggs, and many more who have utilized the great minds of others. And have attained success and entrepreneurship. And have also paved a harmonious way of attracting the lifestyle one dreams of. Furthermore working with Master Mind Alliances,  builds solid empires.


Why be a one man army when you can be a kick ass team. Not only will one build more sufficiently, but also will gain more focus and time. Having a dependable and supportive team can make any idea into a reality in no time. Heard the saying two minds are better than one. Well when one has a multiple of great minds at work. Just imagine how fast and efficient, ideas and dreams begin to manifest.


Go hard in whatever you are pursuing. And one will attract others, that go just as hard if not even harder. Always go for excellence. Every individual has the key that can open many windows of opportunities. It all begins with the mind. One’s mentality and ability to work well with others.

Great minds that think alike.  Also have great mental attitudes toward everything and everyone they encounter. One may be stern but kind and friendly.  As well as one may go through obstacles, but choose to be calm and focused. And One may have many failed attempts but will still keep going with solutions. Having a great mental attitude is very valuable to any individual reaching towards success.


And how about that confidence. Confidence and belief in yourself is a major key to success. You better flaunt it like you got it. People with great minds wear confidence everyday as they would their clothes. Your peers will respect and trust in your moves and crafts.  For a, confident person speaks volume in itself. People are more likely to gravitate towards a confident individual. And are more likely to partner up as well.


Encouragement is a valuable tool people with great minds often use.  Come on now who is really productive working under pressure, stress, and fear? Studies have actually concluded that individuals in a happy and friendly work related atmosphere have increase productivity. Furthermore encouragement also helps build up confidence. Yeah you know, flaunt it,  you know you got. Rather than criticizing and belittling an individual. It is an actual fact, a universal law. That what you put out you get back. Therefore one should pay attention to the frequency they are emitting. For it is what one will manifest.

Bruce Lee mastered discipline he went from paralyzed back to one of the greatest martial artists. Look where his discipline got him.


Great minds also have great self discipline. Get that routine down packed, stick to what is most conducive. Whatever the goal may be either by oneself or in a team. Discipline is golden to a Master. And that can be from a master of any craft.  One may want to have a six pack and may also want fried Oreos. But the one with self discipline will sacrifice having those fried Oreos. Because it isn’t conducive to the plan.  One may need to be up at 4:00 a.m. everyday for work. And one may also want to stay up and binge watch shows past midnight on Netflix. But the one that is discipline will sacrifice that couch potato time. Because it isn’t conducive to ones goal.


People with great minds take accountability for their actions. No one is perfect and shit happens. But one who can understand where they went wrong in any situation. Will always overcome cycling obstacles. Where there is accountability there is more room for growth and creating. We all make mistakes. But it’s only when we don’t take accountability for those mistakes.  That we continue to make the same mistakes over and over. A learned lesson is a blessing. Most of people’s greatest accomplishments come from learning where they went wrong. A failed attempt isn’t our designation it is only a pit stop. Which should be used to sharpen our swords.

Well there you have it great minds think alike. I know there are so many other things that come into play. When understanding what a great mind is like. But know this, we all have great minds. It’s just, not all utilize their mind’s to its fullest potential.

What do you think a great mind is like?

What do you think I could of added?

Would love to hear what you all think thank you for reading stay up stay blessed.❤

Author: Jessica

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