Growing financially connecting (stepping stones)

Growing financially

Connecting growing financially

Connecting growing financially is inevitable when you link up with others connected to your plan. But whatever your job, career, or business may be. One always has to network and connect with others in order to expand. And when one really wants to reach to the next level.  Networking will be one's jewel leading to a chest full of treasures.  Making these connections with individuals can and will enhance your opportunities and success.


Keep in mind

With almost every business there is a team of people in constant motion. But each person has their skill, gift, expertise, craft or task. And it is implemented daily or routinely to keep things running efficiently. And in almost every successful business that is operated in such fashion. As the saying goes where there isn't order there is chaos. And for any business that is successful I promise there is order.


Ants and Bees

There is much in nature that has this aspect down pack. For instance bees and ants. They have a Queen the workers, drones, etc... I'm sure you catch my drift. Both these insects have colonies. And in these colonies each insect has a position. These insects play their position in constant motion. Unlike us humans insects take no breaks and multiply in vast amounts. So building and expanding their colonies happen so frequently and efficiently. But even humans can and have utilize the strategic colony setup. Creating a structured foundation and building businesses and networks efficiently.


Human race

Many businesses and many networks are built upon systems that are very much set up like a bee or ant colonies. You have a boss head haunch which hires employees to build and maintain their empire. Each employee has a different task that needs to be fulfilled. One is trained for the position and is expected to be dependable and productive. For example Denny's for instance. Denny's is a 24 hr restaurant. There are about close to 1700 Denny's in the U.S. alone. Each employee has a position cook, cashier, dishwashers, waiters, greeters etc..  And without these positions filled there will be no Denny's. It would be impossible to grow such a business with just one person alone. This is why connecting can keep one growing financially.



We all have the potential and have what it takes to build solid empires. Its all in how much we are willing to connect and trust in others. Also how much one is open to listening and working towards understanding others. This plays a major part in connecting and working well together.

People who are open socially have a higher chance at success rather than people who are not social. Working together as a colony will require you to be able to communicate frequently with your team. Exchanging ideas and information. Utilizing each others skills and crafts. Being dependable and available for whatever the cause. It begins to form magical unities. And eventually it will be like second nature.



The very thing that makes up a great team when growing financially.  Are the differences in your crew. The differences in the individuals one will be working with is vital. Because one needs a team with versatility.  If everyone has the same skill set, craft or gift. One's team will become stagnant. Just circling in the mist of the familiar. Gotta have Jerry with the computer skills. Or Duke with video graphics. A Mary in marketing. A Newton in web design. You catch my drift. Keep in mind that everyone has something to offer. Think about it most of the children's movies that are out today takes anywhere from 100 to 300 people to create.


Find your tribe 

There are different ingredients for different recipes. It all depends on what your cooking up.  The point is find your flavor, your tribe.  No excuses. There are several social media platforms and apps one can utilize to their advantage. And even using old school methods works very well.  Like walking into a business. That face to face contact has above all the most influential impact when connecting for growing financially. It is the most profound way to determine if someone is part of your tribe.  One can also put up flyers and hand out business cards. Which is more of a passive approach but can still be helpful. There are many ways to accomplish just about anything.  Just remember to follow those ingredients that make up your flavor.


Don't put your eggs in one basket

Just like with any plan. One should always have a back up plan. All it takes is for one person to be out of commission.  For an entire project to fall behind or fail. Time, money, and hard work invested should be protected. Everyone should be on the same task here. Finding a replacement last minute should never be an option. Unless of course extenuating circumstances come into play. We are only human and things happen. But when one has a thoroughly thought out plan one can achieve more efficiently. Always think ahead. You ever heard the saying one can never be too careful.

 Get started 

Go and find your tribe what are you waiting for. Hop on Facebook write a status. Slide in some inboxes. Join some groups. Or get on Twitter and start tweeting away. How about Quora ask whatever you like.  And there is also LinkedIn get linked up with many. Upload flyers and pics on Instagram. Even Craigslist is useful. These are just a few platforms, there is much more one can choose from.

Let me know ways you have connected to others in order to grow financially. Would love to hear from you.  Thank you for reading.

Author: Jessica

My name is Jessica. I created this website to help connect deeper to the world. I enjoy connecting and sharing information with others. Together in unity we can make the impossible possible. Everyone is just as important and special as the next. Our thoughts and beliefs makes us who we are today. I believe sharing our experiences and thoughts with one another can make some magical things happen in our life. Each one Teach one. We are all teachers and students. Keep and open mind and a heart that is kind.

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